Deadlines & Goal Setting

One of the keys to goal setting success is to set deadlines to accomplish your goals.
Without a deadline for a goal, you have not fully committed to it and a goal you will be
less likely to achieve it. By not setting a timeline and thinking that you will just work on
achieving a goal whenever, you won’t. As humans we need the pressure of a deadline
to push us into action. When our ancestors were living in caves; the shorter, cooler
days were the sign that they’d better make sure that they had food put away for the
coming winter.
Deadlines will also shape your plan of action. Depending on when you need to reach
your goal, your plan can look very different. Let’s take weight loss for example. It
makes a lot of difference whether your goal is to lose twenty pounds in four months or
in ten. To lose the weight in four months you will have to be much more aggressive
with your plan than if you want to lose the weight over a longer period.
Using the deadline with your plan will also help you to determine whether or not your
goal is achievable. If you start to plan it out and a reasonable and realistic course of
action cannot be put together, this means that either your deadline or your goal need
to be adjusted. Without these two components it could be much harder to determine
These three things show the importance of deadlines in goal setting and building the life
you want to live.

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