Aligning your Goal Plan to your Priorities

When developing your goal plan, it is essential that you get you priorities in order. To
be successful at reaching your goals, they need to be in sync with what matters to you
in your life. This means that they align both with your values and they do not work
against the things you need to deal with in your life here and now.
It is important to have long term goals, but when you are planning them out you need
to first take into account your present situation and where exactly you need to achieve
to move forward. Basic priorities that most of us need to cover in our goal plans are
basics like shelter and food. These immediate priorities also help add some very
concrete things to tie your goal plan to, as they are essential for day-to-day life and
without them you cannot move onto your other goals.
In addressing your priorities in your goal plan first set goals which get rid of the
immediate challenges and which support incremental progress toward your larger

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