Goal Setting for Children – How to Get There From Here

One of the fundamental lessons our children are not taught in school, is how to set
goals, or as I think it should be taught, ‘How to get there from here’. I think back to my
best friend and myself in grade 12 talking about our dreams and goals. We both grew
up in well educated upper-middle class homes, but neither of us were taught the basic
skills to accomplish our goals. We were ahead of many of our peers, as we knew what
we wanted to achieve, but we just didn’t go there.
I just watched a video done by this same friend (26 years after the above conversation)
and he is a brilliant comedian. He is funnier than 99% of the people making obscene
amounts of money to be funny, yet he is still working in the job that he has for much of
his adult life. He has talent, skill and the drive to do whatever is needed to reach his
goal, but the piece that I have seen missing through our conversations is that while he
knows the destination he wants to reach, it is filling in all of the steps between here and
I look at the goals I had expressed that afternoon 26 years ago with him, and while I
have hit some of them, I didn’t get to a lot of them or I reached variations on them.
The biggest blocker for me was figuring out how to get to them and what to do when
reaching them wasn’t working. I spent most of my time in university flopping around
without much direction, taking courses that sounded interesting rather than those that
would help me reach my goals. I never even put that as a priority when I was there. I
was in university because that is what people who wanted to achieve the goals I had
do. What I didn’t do is to figure out what was the best way to be there and how to most
effectively reach my goals.
My next series of blog posts will be about how to help our children learn to get from
here to there and to figure out where there is for them.

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