How Can I Stick to a Plan?

I make plan for everything but not able to execute it. For example I plan daily to wake
up early in morning but I never succeed despite of trying everything ( sleeping
early,alarm) Same goes for study like I will finish a topic in that many hours but I never
did .
I get involve in some other thing or I loss interest in my existing plan. What can I do?
First of all congratulations on having a plan! This puts you ahead of more than 80% of
the population. What you now need to do with your plan is to review it daily and journal
about it. Look at what you’re doing, what is working and what is not. For the things that
are not working you need to take a frank and honest look at why they’re not working
for you. Then figure out what you need to learn from that goal. The goals we have
trouble achieving are the same ones that give us the greatest opportunity to learn
about ourselves.
If you’re not achieving a goal, then it is likely not as important to you as other things
that you are achieving. What you need to have a clear picture of when creating a goal
or life plan is what your values and priorities are. Your goals need to be aligned and in
support of your values and priorities or else you will undermine yourself at every corner
in trying to achieve them.
So, let’s take your goal of waking up early. You need to look at why you want to do this
and what it supports in your life, and then take a hard look at what things you are
doing that are keeping you from achieving this goal. You will either find that there other
goals that are more important to you right now than this and that it isn’t serving your
overall plan, or that you need to look at the importance you are putting into doing
things that don’t support your values and priorities.Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss this further or email me at

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