It’s the Journey, Not the Destination

Many of us see setting goals as being about getting somewhere, rather than about how
we get there. Goal setting is one of the great avenues for personal growth. When you
set goals that are challenging and make you get out of your comfort zone, you will have
to become a better person in order to accomplish them.
If you are not willing to grow and change, you will find it very hard to reach your goals.
You need to be regularly reviewing and thinking about your plan and your progress
along it. I find that journaling on a regular basis helps greatly with doing this. By
getting my thoughts to paper I make the experience more concrete (which is also why
it is essential that we write our goals down), but also provides the opportunity to
ruminate on them and to see where they’re taking you.
It is the times that I have hit the wall and been thrown completely off course on my
goal plan that I have had to figure out what aspects of me have kept me from getting
there. Sometimes it has been a very difficult and painful lesson, but I am so glad to
have had them, as they have been essential for me in succeeding. Learning these
lessons and making the changes that they have required me to make, have made it
easier to achieve similar goals. By being more accepting that I will need to be flexible
and grow has also made it much easier to accept the bumps in the road when I hit
So while your goal may be to make a million dollars, don’t do it just for the money, but
for the person that the journey will help make you into.

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