Plan and Plan Well

While I emphasize that the first step in being successful at achieving your goals, and
one that puts you ahead of more than 80% of the population, is to just write them
down, without a plan you’re not doing all that you can to achieve them. On top of that
it is not enough to plan, a plan must be thorough, complete, in depth and well
I like to use a hierarchical model when building my goal plan. I start from a general,
high level goal, which is the mission statement for my life (at that time), and I then
work down with goals getting more and more specific, the lower I go on the hierarchy.
The bottom level of the plan are the fine tasks needed to reach the goals, with each
level rolling up to the one above it. The plan includes, timelines, effort and resources.
Once the plan is in place it gets reviewed weekly to see what is working, what isn’t
working, what needs to be changed, and what lessons I have learned from it. It is
important to not view the plan as being fixed in stone, but that it is a living a changing
document, as we are subject to all sorts of influences and changes, and a good plan
allows you to work with that.
So, while you are goal setting it is essential to understand that your plan of action is
the map you will take on your journey to success. This means that to ensure success it
must also be the best one you can build. You need to thoroughly research and
investigate possibilities and options, and then build a path you can live and thrive upon
while creating a magnificent life.

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