Plan or Go With the Flow?

Should I keep planning and ending up going with the flow or should I just stop
You should definitely keep planning. If you are creating plans for your life you are
ahead of 80% of the population and if you are writing those plans down you are ahead
of 96% of population. What you need to be aware of is that as your life moves forward,
so must your life plan. What you value and is a priority for you at 18, likely won’t have
the same place in your life even two years from now.
You need to regularly evaluate your priorities and values and write down a vivid picture
of your life supporting them. By doing this you will make sure that your plan is
supporting the life you want to live and your reflection and honest evaluation of your
goals and progress against them will help you to grow into the person you deserve to
If you only go with the flow then you’re not setting the course of your life and you are
simply reacting to external influences. While most people live this way, it is not a
satisfying way to live. You are then letting the world around you determine your
happiness and who you are, rather than being who you really want to be.
It has taken me a lot of years and hard experiences to learn these lessons and I wish
that I had asked the questions you are doing at 18. If you have any questions about
what I have written or want to discuss things further either PM me or email me at mark

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