Progress is Success

It is common in our culture to focus strictly on the destination, and to lose track of the
journey. Think of how boring the Hobbit would have been, if it had all been about the
reclaiming of the Lonely Mountain, rather than the mostly about the adventures along
the way. It is all of the episodic encounters along the way that give richness and
vibrancy to story, and are why it is still a popular book 76 years later.
We start as children asking ‘are we there yet’ on each trip we set out on, and as
parents we tend to also focus on just getting where we are going. We really need to
create adventures and interest along the way with every trip, so that each one is
memorable and meaningful. This is also true in goal setting.
Too many people get caught in the trap of ‘are we there yet’ and completely miss out
on seeing just how far they have come. This is part of why we need to keep revisiting
our goal plan, and to have it built out in a hierarchy down to the individual tasks, so
that in reviewing it, you can see everything that you have done, what worked, what
didn’t, and what you learned along the way.
It is important to acknowledge that the progress you make, no matter how minor is an
achievement in it’s own right. Also, learning this is a key to building the momentum
required to haul in those larger, long term goals like I wrote about in yesterday’s blog
post. So rather than hurtling down the highway only focusing on how much further it is
until you get there, look around, breathe in the different smells along the way, and
remember that every dollar you earn or every ounce of weight you lose is a success
and will build to form a much larger accomplishment over time.

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