Roadblocks to Your Goal

We tend to think of roadblocks as representing failure. In western culture we are taught
that anything that derails us from our path is a statement about our success. Instead,
we need to see these slip-ups as part of the learning process for becoming more
successful. The reality is that we need to learn more about ourselves as we move
forward in our lives, and this self-knowledge is what helps lead us to success.
With this way of thinking we then realize that it may take a few tries to reach a goal.
The journey to reaching your goal is as and often more important than the destination,
because it helps to shape you into the person you become. By doing this work we learn
what things can get in our way and how to deal with them, which then feeds into being
better at other aspects of our life.
So, when you find yourself with a let-down on your path to reaching your goal, remind
yourself that it is OK & completely normal to mess up. The secret is to then take the
time to learn why you messed up and to figure out how not to repeat it. Then you
rework your goal plan with this new knowledge and get back on track.

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