Why Oh Why?

In goal setting we often just think “Oh I want to do x, y or z”, but our reasons why we
want to pursue that goal is unclear. For success at reaching the goal, why you want to
achieve it is more important than the goal itself.
Before taking action on anything in your life, it is essential that you ask yourself the
question: “Why do I want to achieve this goal?”. Without understanding your reasons, it
is hard to maintain your motivation. Also, once you can distill out the reasons why you
want to achieve the goal you can then see how they align with your values and
priorities. Something may sound like fun or be interesting to do, but it may not align
with your current priorities or values and the pursuit of that goal could undermine the
rest of your goals, or your failure to reach it could affect your motivation on other
Goal setting is about so much more than just achieving things and checking off items
on lists. The process and journey is about learning who you are and who you want to
be. By actively reviewing, planning, and journaling about your goals you gain depth of
character and insight into your life. Also, by getting a handle on your own motivations,
you can start to understand why other people do the things they do (or, the flip side is
realizing how few people do this sort of analysis and so they’re acting in a random and
reactive manner, rather than in a prescribed and thoughtful way).
So, while it is very important to identify and record the goals that you want to pursue,
it is also essential that you understand why you want to pursue them.

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