Practical Goal Setting – A guide for real people who want to live unreal lives

I found myself over 40 and feeling stuck in my life. I read books like the 4-Hour Workweek The $100 Startup to try and get out of the rut. I came to realize some things, these books have great ideas, but require you to have some strong goal setting skills, and that my goal setting skills were no longer serving me.

I went out researched all of the best skills and tools to be effective at setting and achieving goals, and then wrote this book based on the ones that proved out in my own experiences. I invite you to buy this book and set off on the journey to live the life you deserve, rather than one in reaction to the world around you.

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Practical Thinking on Goal Setting – Notes and Musings

In my ongoing research on goal setting and my interaction with goal seekers around the world I have found many who are not looking for a system, but tips and techniques to augment their current approach or are just looking for general ideas on goal setting to help them along. I decided that I would take my Quora answers, blog posts and other miscellaneous musings about goal setting and make them available as a book for people who are interested in short writings and insights on goal setting.

This book gives you a glimpse into my philosophy and approach to goal setting, as well as some tips and tricks to help you out. It is not a complete system for goal setting and achieving goals, for that you need to read Practical Goal Setting – A guide for real people who want to live unreal lives.

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Available from Amazon